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Live Phone Answering Service

Our experienced teams have specialized knowledge on specific industries, including medical, legal, real estate, trade services, and more. Our experience with small business goes beyond just answering the phone, so we can we can step right in and free up your time to take your company to the next level.

From message forwarding to escalation support for critical path issues, Southwest Answering Service offers around-the-clock live answering services to all our clients.

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Our agents are local, so they understand the community just as well as you do and are comfortable speaking to it. Plus, in addition to our local offices we have regional locations serving as backup.


Hiring full-time staff is expensive and takes more of your time. We make it easy to instantly scale answering services to the demands of your growing business.


A combination of friendly, articulate agents, exceptional training and premium technology working for your business.

Phone Answering Solutions to Fit Your Business Needs

Southwest Answering Service provides first-class support to a variety of industries. Our primary industries are high-touch or high-pressure businesses seeking first-class customer support for themselves or their entire practice.

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Legal Answering Service

Balancing case loads with court appearances, discovery processes with writing briefs, taking depositions with taking time for lunch, lawyers’ schedules are notoriously busy. Hiring a legal answering service projects a balanced, responsive law firm with the capability to answering and respond to calls efficiently.

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Medical Answering Service

The last thing doctors want to hear when they’re not on call is the nagging beep of a pager or cell phone that isn’t supposed to be ringing at all. Having your on-call system managed by trained professionals can save you the headache of managing schedules yourself or receiving unwelcome interruptions.

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Business Answering Service

Running a business can be high stakes and high pressure. Allowing an answering service to screen your calls, assist with clerical work and be a built-in support system is the ideal way to differentiate your hands-on business approach.

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Dentistry Answering Service

We believe in achieving the highest quality of patient care for your practice. Our phone agents know how to follow protocol while adding a personal touch, ensuring that your dental patients feel well cared for.

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Real Estate Answering Service

We customize our scripts to match your brand’s tone and quality of service. Having a live person on the other end of every client call puts buyers’ minds at ease, and allows you the freedom away from scheduling appointments and recording client contact information.

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Hospitality & Travel Answering Service

Your guests can expect exceptional customer service with Southwest’s Hospitality Answering Service. Providing start-to-finish top quality experiences drives celebrated reviews and builds loyalty.

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Why Wait? Get Started Today

In most cases, answering service programs can be set up within days and only require a brief set up call. When more complex protocols are required for multiple offices, Southwest Answering Service assigns an account manager to identify and manage the program requirements. In any case, we do the work for you to ensure a seamless transition for you and your team. It’s easy — get started today!

What Answering Service options are best for you?

  • After hours answering service
  • Security compliant messaging
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Voicemail
  • Call reporting
  • Message Dispatch